Fall 2010 Nutraceutical Manufacturing Trends

Fall 2010 Nutraceutical Manufacturing Trends

Fall 2010 Supplement Manufacturing Trends

While summer temperatures fall, the nutritional supplement industry continues to rise with more Americans making a greater effort to protect their health in the midst of economic upheavals. According to Nutrition Business Journal, in 2009 non-retail channels of the nutrition industry generated more than $15 billion of sales with 61 percent of these sales coming from nutritional supplements.

What are the top Fall 2010 nutraceutical manufacturing trends? Here’s our take on the products consumers will most likely be looking for:

Immune Boosters – Fall marks the season for the sniffles and flu. With temperatures dropping, seasonal changes are usually highlighted by allergies and low immune responses. Natural immune boosters include beta glucans, Echinacea, Vitamins C and E and herbs such as astralagus, andrographis, elderberry and ginseng.1-5 The most popular delivery forms for these immune boosting ingredients include capsules, tablets, or powders.

The Omega-3 Supplements – Omega 3 supplements hold a wide range of health benefits which include support for heart health, brain health, bone and joint health, immune health, vision, behavior and mental health. The list of health benefits grows longer as research continues, ranking omega-3 supplements top on the consumer demand list.6 The most popular delivery form for Omega-3 supplements is capsules.

Stress Relievers – Personal and professional stress are causing more people to try out herbal or natural ingredients. Therefore, the products you manufacture should contain the following herbal or natural ingredients:

  • Valerian is obtained from the valerian plant and may be helpful for insomnia, anxiety and stress. It can be taken for 4 to 6 weeks with safe results.7
  • Passion Flower may have a calming effect on the body alleviating anxiety. It is usually sold as an extract in teas, infusions and tinctures.8
  • ABA (gamma aminobutyric acid), a non-essential amino acid is found mainly in the human brain and eyes. It is believed to promote a natural calming effect on the brain, promoting relaxation and easing nervous tension.9
  • L-Tyrosine, an essential amino acid is used as a supplement for fighting fatigue, anxiety and mild depression.10
  • Chamomile is a traditional herb that is used for conditions such as insomnia, anxiety and mild gastrointestinal conditions, although there are not many scientific studies to support this. It is an herb that has no known side effects and traditional use has shown effective results.

Popular delivery forms for stress relief supplements include capsules, tablets, or powders.

Weight Loss Aids – To avoid high health risks attached to being overweight consumers continue to search for better-formulated products that have scientific support for enhancing weight loss. Nutritional supplement manufacturing can help meet those needs with ingredients that help promote fat loss, preserve lean body mass and support satiety such as green tea, capsaicin, guarana, conjugated linolenic acid (CLA), apple polyphenols (APP), fucoxanthin and prebiotics such as fiber, inulin and oligofructose.11-17 Popular delivery forms for weight loss products include capsules, tablets, powders, and herbal teas.

Digestive/Detox Aids, Fiber Products – The use of colon cleanse products that promote natural regularity and also promote digestive health through the combination of probiotics and prebiotics will continue to be popular. These products may include herbal laxatives and detoxifying herbs and other nutrients that support digestive and general health. Such colon cleanses are also thought to be useful in weight management by promoting the proper absorption of nutrients. Herbs used include senna leaves, aloe vera, psyllium fiber, milk thistle, slippery elm bark and many more.18-22
Popular delivery forms can be capsules, tablets, fiber powders, and herbal teas.

Anti-Aging Supplements – America’s aging population, along with younger health-conscious individuals, will increasingly turn to anti-aging supplements in a desire to live long, live healthy, and look young! Nutritional supplements that provide scientifically-supported herbs and nutrients for brain health, joint health, immune health, heart health and vision will continue to receive attention, along with antioxidants. According to a survey reported in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, glucosamine and garlic were the most frequently used products, followed closely by Echinacea and Ginkgo Biloba. Other ingredients include herbal teas and ginseng. The most common reasons stated by survey respondents for taking an herbal product or dietary supplement were to improve general wellness, to help manage arthritis, to help prevent or manage colds, or to improve memory.23 Popular delivery forms include capsules, tablets, powders, and liquids.

Multi-vitamins – A broad spectrum of multi-vitamins will continue to be a top priority supplement for more than 60 percent of the American population. More than just preventing deficiency diseases, multi-vitamin supplements may achieve new status in the future as scientists understand their role in supporting cellular health, believed to be the origin of many chronic diseases that ails society today. For example, research studies on Vitamin D have shown that its scope goes way beyond that of simply supporting bone health and may even reduce the risk of several degenerative ailments.24 Popular delivery forms include capsules, tablets, or powders.

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