Green Tea Shows Body Weight and Fat Benefits

Green Tea Shows Body Weight and Fat Benefits

Obesity is a growing public health concern affecting millions of adults and children. In the last thirty years, the rate of obesity among adults has doubled and the obesity rate among children, aged 2 to 19, has tripled since 1980. Obesity is associated with chronic ailments such as heart disease, liver disease, diabetes, cancer and arthritis. It has impacted the nation as a whole leading to a less productive workforce and skyrocketing healthcare costs. 1-5

Because of the adverse impact of obesity on individuals and on the nation as a whole, in 2009, the US government declared obesity a national epidemic and in April 2002, the Internal Revenue Service classified it as a disease granting physician-prescribed weight loss programs a medical tax deduction. Many school districts have banned soft drinks and snacks in vending machines. Federal nutritional guidelines and the food pyramids continue to be regularly revised in an effort to bring down the obesity rate. But the percentage of Americans who are obese continues to increase with recent statistics showing that the number of obese now outnumbers those who are overweight. 6-7

With two-thirds (67 percent) of the American population either obese or overweight, more and more Americans are earnestly seeking weight loss products resulting in an escalating market for a wide range of weight loss aids.

Be Proactive in Providing Nutritional Solutions

Obesity is not just a problem in the United States. According to the World Health Organization, the overweight population across the globe will be more than 1.5 billion by 2015 with related health costs rising beyond $117 billion in the US alone. 8 The obesity crisis should prompt supplement companies to play a proactive role in providing a variety of nutritional solutions to help mitigate the problem. Although the weight loss industry is competitive, successfully designed entry-level products hold tremendous potential for growth. The industry is booming, and supplement companies that showcase a well-designed formula that is backed by science have a major advantage.

Green Tea- A Natural Fat Burner

Despite green tea being alien to our western culture, it has had phenomenal success as a powerful antioxidant and is a widely sought-after health ingredient in functional foods and beverages. Beyond the benefits of green tea supplements for fat oxidation, it is believed to play an effective role in promoting cardiovascular health, regulating healthy glucose levels, supporting oral health, offering protection against Alzheimer’s and certain types of cancers. 9 With research supporting its fat-burning properties, green tea is now establishing itself as a proven and effective ingredient in the weight loss market. Its appeal lies in its natural ability to burn fat more quickly, thereby enhancing the weight loss results of any diet regimen.

How Green Tea Promotes Healthy Weight Loss

In contrast to black tea which is crushed and fermented, green tea is steamed or pan-fried and therefore, retains a large percentage of tea polyphenols known as catechins. The four main polyphenols contained in fresh tea leaves are epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), epigallocatechin, epicatechin gallate, and epicatechin. Of these, the polyphenol that plays the biggest role in promoting weight loss is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) found in green tea.

Researchers at Pennsylvania State University studied the gamut of laboratory, epidemiological, and human intervention studies demonstrating the benefits of green tea weight loss and concluded that green tea may have great potential to prevent obesity. The consumption of 3 to 10 cups of green tea a day was seen to promote weight loss, maintain body weight following weight loss and may even help to prevent the development of diseases linked with obesity. 10

How does green tea work its weight loss magic? After reviewing the extensive research on green tea weight loss, scientists have proposed three mechanisms by which EGCG may produce weight loss results. 11

  • EGCG may increase energy metabolism and fat oxidation.
  • EGCG may also inhibit fat cell development, called apidogenesis.
  • EGCG may help the body to excrete fat more efficiently by reducing lipid absorption during digestion.

Green tea contains about half the caffeine content of coffee. Scientists have observed that EGCG needs a stimulated nervous system, which caffeine provides, to produce its fat burning effects. A daily dose of 300 mg of EGCG was seen to increase fat oxidation by 33 percent. However, a combination of 300 mg of EGCG and 200 mg of caffeine increased fat oxidation by almost 50 percent! 12

More Exciting Benefits Associated With Green Tea Supplementation

Another exciting research study shows that green tea may promote weight loss in spite of a high fat diet! The study conducted on rats, showed that rats that were given an equivalent of 5 to 8 cups of tea a day showed a 5.6 percent decrease in body weight gain and a 17.8 percent reduction in fat accumulation compared to rats that were not given green tea. Both control groups were fed a high fat diet over the eight-week study. Researchers also noticed improvement in cardiovascular risk indicators and a low influence on dietary protein digestion. 13

A separate study, reported in the Nutrition Journal, shows that the benefits of green tea weight loss may include increased post-meal satiety. This study is the first to show that green tea not only promoted increased satiety increased, but subjects in the study reported feelings of fullness and having had enough to consume. 14

Popular Delivery Systems for Green Tea Weight Loss Supplements

Green tea weight loss supplements can be manufactured in several convenient delivery systems such as tea bags, liquid extracts and capsules. In addition, innovative delivery systems include chewing gum and candy.

A new delivery system for green tea is the nano-encapsulation of EGCG and its application in a variety of foods and beverages. Nano-encapsulation would allow EGCG particles to have good transparency and allow EGCG to be added to mineral water, and all types of beverages, including dairy and sports drinks. Frost & Sullivan report a booming market for green tea extract with a growth of 13 percent over the next 7 years. 15

High-quality Weight Loss Supplements Will Build Your Brand Reputation!

Why not meet the demands of your customers by starting your own line of green tea weight loss supplements? We can help you design well-formulated, science-substantiated green tea supplements for weight loss to help meet the weight loss needs of a growing community of weight watchers. Nutricap Labs’ wide range of manufacturing solutions makes it easy for you to provide your customers with excellent, superior-quality green tea supplements for weight loss. And since all of our products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art, GMP certified facility, you can rest assured that the final product you receive from us contains the highest quality ingredients and meets the specifications mandated by the FDA.

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