The Organic Pet Products Industry – Barking Up The Right Tree

The Organic Pet Products Industry – Barking Up The Right Tree

Organic Pet Products Trends

While organic seems to be the more preferred choice, organic pet products have seen a phenomenal rise in sales especially after the 2007 pet food scandal which resulted in the death of 39,000 cats and dogs across America. Sale of natural and organic pet foods rose by 52 percent after this incident according the United Natural Foods Inc. (UNFI). Pet food manufacturers who could cite the source of ingredients used in their pet products gained the confidence of pet food purchasers. With this fear not far behind them, premium and organic-certified pet food is still the preferred choice for pet owners.

Rise in Demand for Organic Pet Supplements

The National Pet Owners Survey of 2009-2010 shows that 62 percent of American households own a pet. That’s more than 70 million homes. More than 80 percent of these households own dogs or cats while the rest keep birds, reptiles or other small animals as pets. More families are turning to pets since various studies conclude that having a pet can impart numerous health benefits on their owners. Pets may help to lower blood pressure, reduce stress especially as owners take their pets out for a walk. Pets also make faithful companions and can help to fight depression and loneliness. With pets receiving an important status in the family, pet owners are increasingly turning to better, more nutritious choices for their pets, including organic pet supplements.

As such the organic pet food industry knows no limits – ranging from gourmet meals to nutrient-packed snacks, pet owners strive to provide the best care for their family pets. And organic pet products are the popular choice.

Why organic? Non-organic pet products are known to contain preservatives, insecticides or use a process called irradiation that increases the shelf life of pet products. Irradiation involves the use of radiation to prevent the growth of certain bacteria. The process is known to destroy essential vitamins and enzymes. In contrast, organic processing prohibits the use irradiation; it also ensures that only safe preservatives and other additives are used in the manufacturing process. Organic manufacturing uses only certified-organic raw materials and ensures the maximum retention of nutrients during the manufacturing process. GMO foods are not used in organic manufacturing as these have not been adequately tested for long term safety.

Why Choose Organic Pet Vitamins and Supplements?

In line with the growth of the herbal dietary supplements industry for humans, pet owners are turning to herbal dietary pet supplements to nutritionally and naturally meet the health needs of their pets. Pet vitamins have just as much a high value as supplements for human consumption. Pets, too have health needs related to joint health issues, eye health, digestive health, liver health. They also need weight loss aids and calcium supplements. Pet owners are increasingly turning to organic pet supplements to enhance the health of their pets, and to give their pets opportunity for better quality of life through nutritional and herbal means.

According to a 2009 report from Packaged Facts, pet food sales grew by 5.5 percent ($17 billion) in 2008. But this growth in dollar is mainly attributed to the fact that most pet owners are turning to premium quality pet food products or more specifically, certified organic pet products. Analytical forecasts predict that the pet food industry will see a CAGR of 4.1 percent with premium pet products accounting for much of the growth.

Pet products that will push the pet product industry further are organic pet products containing natural food sources – real grains, meat, vegetables. Pet supplements or nutraceuticals that address a variety of pet health issues are in demand. Popular pet supplements include those which have anti-aging benefits, weight loss aids, heart health supplements, glucosamine for joint health, omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and probiotics are some of the pet supplements you can expect to see do well in the organic pet products and organic pet supplements sector.

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