How to Start a Supplement Company

If you're wondering how to start a supplement company, the first thing you need to do, after you finalize your marketing plan, is to find a reputable nutraceutical manufacturer that can meet your contract manufacturing needs. For nearly a decade, Nutricap Labs has helped companies of different sizes and budgets turn their ideas into reality.

How Nutricap Labs Makes Starting a Supplement Company Easy

Starting a supplement company can be a confusing, frustrating and stressful experience. At Nutricap Labs though, we believe that starting a supplement company should be an exciting and stress-free experience.

When you hire us as your contract manufacturer, you gain access to a full range of professional service options that no other company can offer you under one roof:

  • Your tablets, capsules and powders are created in a state-of-the-art, GMP certified facility, so you can rest assured that the finished product you receive from us meets specifications mandated by the FDA.
  • Our team of in-house graphic designers will work with you every step of the way to create eye-catching product labels and printed materials such as pamphlets, brochures and post cards.
  • Save on storage costs by keeping your products in our on-site warehouse, a GMP Registered facility by NSF. We also offer order fulfillment and drop shipping services for your convenience.

For more information on how to start a supplement company and the important questions you should be asking a contract manufacturer, we encourage you to visit our Golden Rules of Contract Manufacturing page.

Request Your Free Manufacturing Quote Today!

We realize that starting a supplement company can be a tedious task since there are so many supplement manufacturers to choose from. At Nutricap Labs, we understand the needs of start-ups like yours and how important it is for you to be able to manufacture high-quality products at cost-effective prices. With nearly a decade of experience in the supplement manufacturing industry and an award-winning history under our belt, you'll find that partnering with us can take your product line and your business to unprecedented levels.

If you're ready to start a vitamin business, call (800) 494-6154 to speak to one of our product advisors. Or if you already have a product in mind that you'd like to manufacture, submit your request to receive a free quote in 48 hours.

Start your own supplement company with the help of Nutricap Labs and get on the fast track to nutraceutical manufacturing success!