Vitamin Bottles

Vitamin Bottles

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Please be advised that you can only take advantage of our packaging and labeling services if you manufacture your product with us. Thank you.

Vitamin Bottles are ideal packaging solutions for liquid vitamins. We manufacture bottles using quality materials that will not contaminate your product, preserve the bioavailability of the product during storage, and act as a protective barrier against light, gas and moisture permeation. Bottles are strong, impact-resistant and can withstand shipping and transport.

We offer custom shapes and sizes to suit your product needs and enhance your product visibility and shelf marketability. Unique and useful cap designs create an added value to your product. We offer you a wide variety of cap designs including convenient flip-top closures which facilitate easy opening-and-closing.

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Call us at 1-800-494-6154 during business hours to either request a quote or to discuss your vitamin bottle manufacturing needs with one of our qualified representatives. You may also submit a request to receive a free, no-obligation vitamin bottle manufacturing quote within 48 hours. No matter the method in which you contact us, rest assured that when you work with Nutricap Labs, we will get your project done quickly, effectively, and to the highest level of quality